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Friday 28th January


Crucial and central to the Ageless Wisdom tradition is that every life-form in the universe – seen and unseen –  is evolving and subject to cycles. These cycles can range from fractions of a second to trillions of years. The period when one cycle ends and another begins is always a time of turmoil, upheaval and conflict. This is precisely the situation we face right now as we transition from the outgoing Age of Pisces into the new Age of Aquarius.

This is why everything is in a state of ferment and why iconoclastic ideas and acts are so prevalent. Notions of the past are being swept away or re-written. The very infrastructure of the earth is going through seismic change. For many, this leaves a sense of both hopelessness and purposelessness.

In this talk, Tim Wyatt outlines how understanding the cyclic nature of the universe, our planet and indeed ourselves as individuals is vital in negotiating our way through the convulsions we see in nearly every aspect of life.

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