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Friday 24th March Ian Robertson – HeartMath

In this talk and practice, Ian will share the importance of heart focused meditation, and what the HeartMath institute and other research groups are discovering regarding the science behind this and the health benefits we can experience.

Ian Robertson has been a member of the TS since 1988, the same year that he joined Freemasonry.  He is a published author with a passion for Rosslyn Chapel, Secret Societies and Mysticism.  He practices HeartMath on a daily basis and is a certified Heartmath Coach.

Previous Talks

Friday 10th March The Spiritual Path by Gary Kidgell

Esoteric teachings and the major religions of our world all describe the descent of spirit into matter and its subsequent return to source. Theosophy refers to the homeward journey as The Spiritual Path or Path of Return. In this presentation Gary outlines the challenges, rewards and the spiritual disciplines related to the treading of the path as we seek to unfold the symbolic lotus petals of the Soul or higher Self.

Friday 24th February: Searching for a Synthesis: Many paths, one life – Ali Macqueen

Ali is a long time Theosophist and is a committee member of Dundee Theosophical Society.  He will discuss the common ground found in various spiritual paths.  Ali will look at several paths or systems he has explored such as Kabbalah, astrology, the Tarot then Theosophy with its Eastern bent,  A Course In Miracles (ACIM) with its very different world view and Mindfulness with all its simplicity…..

On the surface these can seem very different paths, but there are many common threads, which draw them together. 

Friday 27th January: Greek Hero Myths: Symbols of Transformation by Gary Kidgell

The triumphs and travails related to spiritual development are beautifully illustrated by the symbolism found in the adventures of the questing heroes of Greek myth.  The challenges and rites of passage that the heroes face mirror those which confront us as we seek elevations in consciousness.  The characters found within the mythic landscape: the monster of the abyss, the arch-villain, the crone, wise man, the beneficent gods and goddesses all symbolise archetypal psychic components inherent within the human psyche.  These surface when we undertake the hero quest in pursuit of higher states of consciousness.

Gary Kidgell is a professional astrologer specialising in esoteric astrology.  He has lectured extensively on esoteric subjects, as well as undertaking numerous astrological consultations throughout the UK and in Europe.  He is the current Organising Secretary of the Scottish Theosophical Society and Librarian for the Alex Johnston Library, funded by the Theosophical Society Charity in Scotland. 


Friday 10th February: Heartfulness, what is it and how it could benefit me by Martin Worthy

Martin has been associated with all three of the heads of the organisation, first called Shri Ram Chandra Mission, and has been practicing for 40 years. He lived in India for 22 of those years, mostly next to the headquarters in Chennai, and has witnessed its metamorphosis into the Heartfulness movement, as it is now known. The presentation will include a number of short meditation exercises and videos – and a personal account of his spiritual journey”.


Meetings are held at 7.00 for 7.15 start in The Heartfulness Centre, 51 Cowgate, Dundee, DD1 2JF

Admission £3.50, concession £3.00, members £2.50

All welcome





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