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Programme of In Person Talks

2nd September to 25th November 2022


2nd September 2022

Aspects of Hinduism - Mr Gopal

Mr Gopal, from the Tayside Hindu Cultural and Community Centre, has previously given the Dundee Theosophical Society talks on karma, reincarnation and dharma and we welcome him back for this talk titled ‘The Meaning and Purpose of Life as Seen from the Vedantic Angle.'

The Vedas are a large body of ancient and sacred texts, central to the Hindu religion and Mr Gopal will cover the key elements of this.


16th September 2022

Shamanic Journey Session - Fotoula Adrimi

Shamanic teacher and member of the Global Shamanic Teachers network, Fotoula will facilitate a mini workshop on shamanism, shamanic journey and accessing parallel realities.  This is an experiential evening where Fotoula will guide us through her drum into an experience of spirit through this ancient practice.  This popular annual session at Dundee TS gives you the opportunity to experience a shamanic journey under the guidance of Fotoula.


30th September 2022

Great British Painters - Joe McIntyre

An illustrated talk by this well known Dundee based artist.  In this latest presentation in a series of art talks, Joe looks at the great British painters who have inspired his success.

Joe was born in Dundee in 1940 and schooled and studied art in Dundee until 1964 when he graduated in Fine Art from Duncan Jordanstone College of Art. He was thereafter awarded a Post Graduate Scholarship and a Royal Scottish Academy Bursary in 1965.  He is the president of the Dundee Theosophical Society.


14th October 2022

Susan McAvoy - Breathing: A Lost Art?

Breathing is the new big thing in the wellness world.  Susan is a Functional Breathing instructor and will explain the science and technique of functional breathing leading to better health.

Science has been researching and documenting the benefits of functional breathing for more than a century and most of us know nothing about this.  In her talk, Susan will give a little background of this research and the science behind functional breathing, including the vital role that CO2 plays in our health and longevity.  We will all have the opportunity to take the BOLT test measuring our body oxygen levels and learn a few simple techniques you can all begin using straight away.

Susan McAvoy has been teaching social sciences in higher and further education for 25 years.  She began her career teaching complementary therapies at Abertay University in 1996.  Her honours thesis (1996) was on the connections between quantum physics and consciousness which helped her gain a BSc. Hons (First Class) Behavioural Science.  She is a Reiki teaching master and mindfulness teacher and while continuing to teach psychology, sociology and mindfulness in D&A College. Susan also created Cearcall her own wellbeing company in 2019.

She recently qualified as a functional breathing instructor with Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage organisation.  Her motivation was to teach folks how to breathe functionally before teaching mindfulness.  So, we will also bring in a little pranayama to wind down the session.


28th October 2022

Pat Toms - An Intuitive Sense of Place and Form

Pat will give a talk and practical demonstration on our innate faculty to intuit the form of things.  Discover how the mind and body can associate with things and sense their form and influence.

Traditional built forms appear to be laid out with respect to subtle influences sensed intuitively.  The talk considers an innate faculty involving intuitive association with the form of things.  The mind can manifest subtle influences disposed geometrically as fields of form.  Practical demonstration shows they aren't physical energetic emanations.  The phenomenon is utilised in special places by living things - by humans at ancient built form, and similarly at more recent traditional altar and font. 

Working in construction, Pat realised standardisation can't be the basis of sustainable built form.  He investigates intuitive experience of built form to inform what sustainable construction might be. 


11th November 2022

Gary Kidgell - The Voice of Silence (part one)

The challenges, the rewards and the necessary disciplines associated with treading the Spiritual Path are most beautifully and aptly described in H.P. Blavatsky’s comprehensive poetic manual of spiritual instruction The Voice of the Silence.  Our evolutionary growth is related to the unfolding of consciousness.  As we engage with this classic text our consciousness expands, penetrating new subjective horizons. The metaphorical text then reciprocates by revealing deeper layers of symbolic meaning as part of an ongoing symbiotic relationship.  This can assist us in gaining deeper understanding of the nature of the Path, and in negotiating the immense challenges that shall inevitably confront us.  In this two-part presentation Gary seeks to unravel a few of the endless layers of meaning found within this classic work.

Gary Kidgell has studied esoteric teachings for almost forty years.  An international speaker, Gary has published two books The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self and Greek Hero Myths: Symbols of Transformation.  He is currently the Organising Secretary for the Theosophical Society in Scotland and Librarian for the Alex Johnston Library.  Gary is also an Executive Committee Member for the European Federation of Theosophical Societies.


25th November 2022

Gary Kidgell - The Voice of Silence (part two)

Gary will present the second instalment of his two part talk The Voice of the Silence.


Meetings are held at 7.00 for 7.15 start in The Heartfulness Centre, 51 Cowgate, Dundee, DD1 2JF

Admission £3.50, concession £3.00, members £2.50

All welcome





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