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27th August 2021

Taposhri Ganguly: Theosophy and World of Cyborgs

Taposhri Ganguly, also known as Taps, holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics and works at a Management Consultancy in London.  Besides her day job as a statistician, which primarily requires her to build and explore human behavioural models, she feels an internal need to have a number or an equation for everything in life.  

Mostly consumed and fascinated by patterns all around, she finds a unique strength in the interrelated and connected net of emotions, thoughts and actions.  Taps was introduced to Theosophy on a long-haul flight from London to San Francisco by a co-passenger.  She left that conversation while disembarking not knowing that a few years later, a series of incidents would lead her to the Secret Doctrine.  

Taps associates the Secret Doctrine to home, to a sense of belonging and to a knowing that doesn’t need words or numbers. It just is. At another level, she treats it as a thesis of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and finds it deeply fascinating to read and contemplate through it like an academic.

Cyborg is the term applied to an organism that has restored function or enhanced capabilities, due to the integration of some artificial component or technology that relies on feedback or chain of cause and effect.  There are several well-known cyborgs in the world that we live in today; Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas to name a few.  With a prime focus in art and pushing boundaries of consciousness beyond human realm into a man-machine space, where and how does Theosophy explain this interconnectedness and dependence?

10th September 2021

Carolanne: A Course in Miracles

Carolanne is a Life Coach & Spiritual Counsellor offering a unique service and accredited courses and workshops in The Soul Place Leuchars.  She gave us a presentation on Angels in our last session. 

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a popular channelled teaching from the 1980s.  It is a unique spiritual self-study program designed to awaken us to the truth of our oneness with God and Love.

24th September 2021

Malcolm Macqueen: ‘What’s good, what’s bad?

Malcolm is a long time Theosophist and astrologer and is President of the Glasgow Theosophical Lodge.  He also runs the Fairlie Community Allotments.

Malefics and Benefics in astrology - how they affect us and why.  Ancient astrologers from the Hellenistic & Roman period spent a lot of time predicting personal and political outcomes from the placement of Saturn & Mars vs Jupiter and Venus.

8th October 2021

Wayne Gatfield: The Mystery of Shambala (illustrated)

Wayne is the President of Bolton TS and is a TS public speaker, writer and poet.

A look at what Theosophy has to say about this mysterious location, said to be the home of highly advanced beings and an oasis of great beauty.  Is it an actual place, a state of consciousness or both?

22nd October 2021

Joyce Bunton: Working with the Superconscious - make it your friend.

Joyce is a Life Coach and Spiritual Counsellor. She will share insights from her own journey and upcoming book to aid you in self-healing and a greater sense of the amazing nature of Self.

5th November 2021

Gary Kidgell: The Spiritual Path

Gary Kidgell is the Organising Secretary of the Theosophical Society in Scotland and the Librarian for the Theosophical Society in Scotland Charity. A professional astrologer and former student of the English Theosophist Douglas Baker, Gary has lectured extensively on esoteric subjects, as well as undertaking numerous astrological consultations, throughout the UK and Europe. His first book: The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self has been distributed internationally. Gary's second work: Greek Hero Myths: Symbols of Transformation was released in August 2020.

H.P. Blavatsky stated 'There is a road steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind' which leads to the 'very heart of the Universe.' The homeward journey to the source of one's being is commonly described as the 'Path of Return.' As a means of successfully traversing the Path, one adopts spiritual practices and disciplines to establish a union with the Soul or higher Self. In this presentation, the speaker outlines the nature of the Path and the trials and tribulations which confront the spiritual aspirant as they seek to become aligned to the rhythms of our universe and render themselves capable of expressing its evolutionary intent.

19th November 2021

Fotoula Adrini: Shamanic Session

Shamanic teacher and member of the Global Shamanic Teachers network Fotoula will facilitate a mini-workshop on shamanism, shamanic journey and accessing parallel realities. This is an experiential evening: Fotoula will guide us through her drum into an experience of spirit through this ancient practice.

3rd December 2021

Joe McIntyre: French and Belgian Artists of the 20th Century

Joe is the president of the Dundee Theosophical Society and is a ‘weel kent’ local artist.  In this latest presentation in a series of art talks he’s given to the Dundee Theosophical Society, Joe will give us an illustrated talk with insight into French and Belgian Artists of the 20th Century.


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