This page can be used to take you to websites of particular theosophical interest.


AUDIO CDS  A link to the Theosophical Society in England's audio CDs to purchase

ESOTERICA MAGAZINE  read or download Esoterica magazines

FOUNDATION FOR THEOSOPHICAL STUDIES  The website of the Foundation for Theosophical Studies

HEART AND HEARTH FILM LIBRARY providing over 400 life-affirming, entertaining and informative DVDs for home viewing, including many that reflect the thoughts and words of today's leading spiritual thinkers and visionaries.

MEDITATION  A link to the Foundation for Theosophical Studies' article on meditation

ONLINE VIDEOS  A link to the Theosophical Society in  England's online videos

THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN ENGLAND  The website of the Theosophical Society in England

THEOSOPHY LIBRARY ONLINE - This site is dedicated to the ongoing influence of the Great Teachers of Humanity and strives to make these teachings accessible to all with a clarity and efficiency that benefits the contemplative nature of spiritual study.

THEOSOPAEDIA - The internet Theosophical Encyclopedia.  Contains all the articles of the printed Theosophical Encyclopedia published by the Theosophical Publishing House, Manila. In addition, new articles that are not in the printed version are continually being adde

THE SECRET DOCTRINE: THE SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE, RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY by H. P. BLAVATSKY - Blavatsky’s masterwork on Theosophy, covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology. Based on the Stanzas of Dzyan, with corroborating testimony from hundreds of sources. Originally published 1888. Theosophical University Press.

THE SECRET DOCTRINE (First Stanza - The Night of the Universe) - The first Stanza of the Secret Doctrine, a poetical and inspired description of the 'Night of the Universe'. This YouTube video (4 minutes) begins describing that which was not, or the condition of the Universe before its manifestation. The previous Universe was dissolved and returned to its primal stage and the 'new' Universe was not yet manifest. 

ISIS UNVEILED by H. P. Blavatsky (1877)

POWER AND USE OF THOUGHT (C. W. Leadbeater) - YouTube video, 50 minutes.

AT THE FEET OF THE MASTER by Alcyone (J. Krishnamurti) Published in the 1900s, the teachings contained in this book were given to Krishnamurti by his Master in preparing him for Initiation, and were written down by him from memory - slowly and laboriously, for his English last year was far less fluent than it is now. The greater part is a reproduction of the Master's own words; that which is not such a verbal reproduction is the Master's thought clothed in His pupil's words. Two omitted sentences were supplied by the Master. In two other cases an omitted word has been added. Beyond this, it is entirely Alcyone's own, his first gift to the world.

AT THE FEET OF THE MASTER - video series presented by David Bruce, Tim Boyd, Pablo Sender, and Juliana Cesano that explores the small but esoterically rich Theosophical classic by Jiddu Krishnamurti, 'At the Feet of the Master'.

THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE by H. P. Blavatsky. Chosen fragments from the 'Book of the Golden Precepts'.

LIGHT ON THE PATH by Mabel Collins. A treatise written for the personal use of those who are ignorant of the Eastern Wisdom, and who desire to enter within its influence.


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